Would you like a slightly different arrangement? Or do you prefer to pay another way? Do send us an e-mail, WhatsApp message or just call!

Our automatic booking system currently only covers self-catering options, and requires you to book more than two nights. Please e-mail us or fill out the form below for different options. 

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Date of check-in
Date of check-in

Please e-mail us or fill out the form for information, to get a personal quote for your stay or to book. 
We typically take 24-36 hours to get back to you with availability and price. 

If you prefer direct contact, please use one of these: 
* E-mail: info@masencanto.com
* Phone: +31 652 63 60 64 (WhatsApp) 
* Phone: +34 608 945 801

We always need an e-mail address and require an advance payment to to confirm your booking. 

* Pets are not usually allowed at Mas del Encanto. E-mail if you'd like us to make an exception. 
* Smoking, camp fires and gas cookers are restricted due to fire hazard
* Children must be under adult supervision at all times.