Another season flew by...

Today, Sunday September 23rd, is the last day of MotoGP Aragon. And that marks the end of the season here in Matarranya; after today, we’ll see less people in the streets of Valderrobres, and restaurants go back to their normal availability.

In the past season, we experimented (successfully!) with self-catering accommodations only. Our guests now have full access to the sitting room with kitchenette, which makes it more suitable for longer stays… and ideal for people who really want to explore Matarranya and have a temporary “home base” here.

We’ve been able to supply our guests with freshly baked bread & eggs all summer long (with 13 chickens, we’ve got more than we could eat ourselves!), and even some produce from the garden or other home-made products.

We think of every party who has been here very fondly - this was the first time we felt we had guests who really chose our off-grid house for their holidays (instead of booking something randomly on the internet, and being all surprised that we weren’t a hotel in the village).


After this, we’ve made the decision to go offline for a bit.

In the next few months (and after?), it’s not possible to book directly online. If you’d like to come and stay here, please email us your details and we’ll let you know what we can do.

This allows us to better plan other activities going on here - the build of a natural swimming pool and rainwater catchment, farm & garden activities, virtual work,…

We look forward to hearing from you!