This year, we bundled our forces with a few neighbours to make the best extra virgin, cold pressed olive oil we could possibly make. And the even better news? As a friend or guest at Mas del Encanto, you can easily acquire your own bottle! 

Are the olives all off your own land? 

No, they're not. We've got a few friends around here who have the same olive variety (empeltre), and treat their land with the same love and respect as we do - no ploughing, no chemicals. 

To get our olives pressed at the big cold-pressing facility in the neighbouring village of Calaceite, we needed a minimum of 700 (which we didn't think we would get from our trees only), our fantastic and amazing friends offered their olive trees to us, so we could reach the threshold...  the first time, we had over 1000 kilos. 

When were the olives harvested? 

The olive oil we're currently selling is the result from two different harvesting sessions: 

  • One batch was harvested and pressed at the beginning of December
  • A second batch was harvested just before Christmas 
  • A third batch should have gotten harvested just after Christmas... but then a bad case of the flu went around, and as we're harvesting by hand (which is quite a physical job), harvest got delayed... 
  • Our last chance to harvest was after New Year's - which is when a storm hit. Rain, hail and wind got so many olives off the trees that it was just not worth collecting them any more... 

Too bad, but we still have over 250 liters of golden, unfiltered, extra virgin olive oil! 

You can read more about this year's harvest here.

How can we buy the olive oil? 

There are 2 ways you can get olive oil from this year's harvest: 

  1. Order it before February 15th at a discount, and you'll be able to pick it up here - or we'll bring it to you in Belgium and the Netherlands. If we manage to meet up with you when we come by (end of February 2018), you'll get it directly from us - if that doesn't work out, you can pick it up at locations in Schoten (near Antwerp) or Amsterdam.
  2. You can still order it after February 15th! There won't be a discount (unless you want bigger quantities) - but if you're not able to pick it up here, we can send it to you. 

You can either order by e-mail at - and we'll send you the payment details (PayPal or bank transfer). 
You can see the prices and order directly (payment with PayPal or Credit card) on this page as well.