We have kept chickens on our finca since September 2015, and started incubating eggs (mostly from our own chickens) in January 2016. Our first flock, Sanchez & his Sanchitas were completely free-range / pasture-raised - we moved the coop around on different terraces. They went were they pleased; sometimes they followed me around the finca, or they tried to steal food from the dogs - most of the time they were just scratching away in the grass. However, on April 29th 2016 (on a very rainy evening, when we had locked the dogs inside), the fox came and decimated our chicken population - only the smallest chicks survived. 
After that, we reconsidered our setup; our chickens are now on rotating pastures - which means they can free range with an electrical fence, to keep predators out. 

We incubate eggs - in the picture above, you can see one of them hatching

We incubate eggs - in the picture above, you can see one of them hatching

We have incubated eggs (mostly from our own chickens) since January 2016. This way, we're proud to say that all but one of our chickens have been born and raised with us. Most of our current flock are actually descendants of our first chickens. 

We have a mix of "red layers" (like Fatima, on the right on the banner image), Brahmas (like Ramona, on the left on the banner image) and random chickens from fertile eggs we got given by friends. 

We have vague plans to get Barnevelders, Gallina Serrana de Teruel (a local breed), Araucanas (for the blue eggs) or Marans (for the dark brown eggs), but not sure when that's going to happen. 

These are the chickens we currently have, we hope to update this list from time to time: 

  • Fatima - she is a daughter of Sanchez & the Sanchitas, and from the second batch we ever hatched (Feb 2016)
  • Ramona is a Brahmas and was kindly given to us by Dan and Mellissa when Fatima was left all alone. She's born May 2016. 
  • Tito, our current rooster, is a grandson of Sanchez (September 2016)
  • Then we've got 5 youngsters born in January 2017; Shreck (she's got green feet!), one other hen, and 3 young roosters. 
  • A group of 7 born in February 2017. Buster and Alcatraz are all set to become this flock's next roosters (unfortunately, Tito is related to everybody so not a good choice on the longer term); then there's Queenie (a beautiful grey Brahma), Marbles (a stunning black girl), a darker freckled hen and a lighter freckled hen. 
  • A group of 7 born in March 2017; 5 of them Brahma, 2 of them half Brahma (and half Fatima). 

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