Our address is: 

Mas del Encanto
Valletes, Poligono 1, Parcela 182
44624 Lledo, Teruel
Aragon, Spain
Latitude: 40.94375 - Longitude: 0.25630

Our postal address is Sandrine & Axel Ferwerda, Quinto Elefante SCP, Apartado de Correo 89, 44580 Valderrobres (Teruel).
Our finca (and the B&B) is located near the road between the villages of Lledo and Cretas. We live in the region Matarranya, province Teruel, state of Aragon, Spain. We're less than a kilometer from Catalunya. 


Do NOT follow Google or GPS directions to the end; they will lead you up the wrong track (also, the location pin on Google Maps is a bit off). Please follow the directions below to get to our place - or call us and we'll happily pick you up in the village or wait for you at end of the track. At this moment, there are small (and blank) wooden signs to our house; we are waiting for official registration of the house in order to get official signs. 

You can e-mail us directly at info@masencanto.com.

How to get here?


We are about 2h15 from Barcelona (El Prat) airport, 1h30 from Reus airport, and 1h45 from Zaragoza airport. From there, you can either hire a car to get to our place – or take the bus or train. In some cases, we might be able to pick you up from the airport; please contact us for a quote. 


When coming from Barcelona / Horta de Sant Joan / Lledo

  • From Barcelona, take the exit at Hospitalet de L’Infant (a little past Cambrils) towards Alcaniz = C-44
  • A little before Mora d’Ebre, take the C-12 towards Tortosa, which will take you into the mountains (you will lose mobile phone reception for a while). 
  • A little before Xerta, take the N-230b towards Prat de Comte / Horta de San Joan
  • From Horta, follow the directions to Lledo; this means turning right onto a smaller road a few kilometers after Horta, don't let that deter you! 
  • In Lledo, turn left in the direction of Cretas. We are about 5 minutes down that road on the right (behind & above some vineyards, you can see the house from the road). Turn right just before the little building - or if you miss that one, take the next road to the right. 

When coming from Zaragoza / Alcañiz / Calaceite / Cretas

  • In Alcaniz, take the N-420 (which ultimately goes to Mora, Reus and Tarragona). 
  • In Calaceite (about 35 minutes from Alcañiz), turn right towards Cretas
  • In Cretas, turn left towards Lledo. After about 5km, there are signs to "Ermita de Santa Rosa" on the right. Don't follow these! but take the next track to the left after the Ermita, in between the vineyards. If you miss that one, you take the next one (right after a small building, a sharp turn to the left). 

There are small (blank) wooden signs next to our track. At the first crossroads, take the track in the middle, that leads up; after that, keep going up (depending on your speed, for 1-3 minutes) until you see the wooden "Mas del Encanto" sign at the entrance of our finca. Drive up to the house (follow the gravel road) and park behind it, the dogs will probably come out to greet you. 

Public transportation

If you come here without your own means of transportation, you might be a bit "stuck" on our finca. It's about an hour walk to Cretas and a little less to Lledo, and we don't mind giving you a lift when we're going somewhere, but a car (or bicycle) gives you the opportunity to go out and explore whenever you'd like. 

From Barcelona airport, there are direct busses to Calaceite a few times a day; from Alcañiz, you can take the bus to Valderrobres. Consult hife.es for more information! We'll happily come and pick you up at the bus station in a neighbouring village. 

We can also recommend using Blablacar - you can often find a ride to Barcelona, and take train & bus from there. 

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