In the summer of 2017, you can come to Matarranya for the "real" off grid experience. Go back to basics in our little maset; this is an old stable we rebuilt in 2015. It's 100% off the grid; it has electricity from its own solar system, running water from our well, a propane stove with two burners and a fridge. One terrace down, there's an outside bathroom with sun-heated water and a composting toilet.

We lived in the maset for about six months while our big house being built, and we still think of that time very fondly. 

Two terraces up, we now live in our new house. Thanks to the terraces and the olive & almond trees in between, you can hardly see the house from the maset (or the other way around). Since we try and grow our own food, raise chickens for eggs, bake bread and preserve some of our food (think salsas and jams), we might be able to provide you with organic food while you're here (depending on availability). 

The maset doesn't have wifi, but you can use the wifi in the guests' breakfast room at any time. 
You can also use our washing machine to do laundry (preferably on sunny days). 
If you like, you can join our B&B guests for breakfast in the morning for a small extra fee.

Prices for the maset start at around 25€ per night - do contact us for more information and exact rates... Or look on one of the following websites: - for Belgium & the Netherlands